Tuesday, December 07, 2010

::proposal daisakusen::

hehe..another yamapi's drama..
this is an old drama of him..
at first, i was not interested in watching tis drama because i thought it was a boring+slow story..
but once i watch it..i can't stop adding the rest of the episode in my MPC Star playlist..hehe..

the story is abt a man who dont have the strength in telling his childhood friend how much he loves her till the day the woman is marrying another man..
he regrets it and want to redo all the moments he had wif the woman..
and there is a fairy come out and help him to come back to the past and he tries his best to say the word out.."i love you Rei" huhu..

~really enjoy the drama..
~how stupid a man who dont hv the confident to tell the other party that he loves her..
and only thinks that the woman will always belong to him..hey look guys..women also know tired in waiting and start looking for another..dont regret it later when u lose ur precious woman..huhu~
~crying at the last episode
~watch out proposal daisakusen sp..enjoy it~

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